8inch Pizza on Huey Kaew Road

September 15th, 2008. Thailand
8inch Pizza on Huay Kaew Road

8inch Pizza on Huay Kaew Road

As soon as I stepped in this little Chiang Mai pizza restaurant, I could have sworn that I was in San Francisco.  More specifically, I felt like I stepped into the San Francisco kitchen that I dream about.  High ceilings, great work space, casual seating, and good pizza.  The proprietor was very friendly and even turned on the AC and closed the front door after she saw us slapping at early evening mosquitoes.

I just realized what this place reminds me of!!  Ken’s Bakery in Portland, OR on Monday evenings.  (They might not be twins, but maybe distant cousins)  You see, Ken does great wood-fired pizza every Monday, and Alex (my Portland roommate) and I would go from time to time and have two pizzas, a ceasar salad and two glasses of red wine.  8inch doesn’t have the ceasar salads or wine, but it has the potential!  Alex, if you were here, we would be friends with the owner of 8inch.



I know I may have dropped off the face of the earth – but i’m following your blog closely. I promise.

oh how i miss our days of ken’s pizza. sounds and looks like you’ve found a reasonable and lovely substitute.



i could watch that video all day! i think i will.

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