Up on the Rooftop

March 24th, 2009. China
View looking North from our rooftop

View looking North from our rooftop

In one of our many daily emails, Nik mentioned today that he ate lunch on the roof of his building at work. I replied that I wish I had eaten my lunch on the roof, to which he replied, “Is there a roof(top deck) on our building I wonder. It would have a cool view, but I doubt there is one.”

Luckily for him, I am procrastinating today, so I went up to the 37th floor to investigate. As I stepped off the elevator, the hallway looked exactly the same as the 18th floor, but the fire escape door was wide open and daylight was pouring through. I walked up one short flight of stairs to find that there is a rooftop deck. In fact there are two, but that the doors to it had been locked with a dead bolt. The consolation is that the top landing of the stair is enclosed with windows, and the one to the north was completely gone, and the one to the east had been shattered so the views were still impressive!

When Nik gets home we’ll have to go up to see the city at night.

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