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June 26th, 2009. Random
Ripple Blanket

Ripple Blanket

Granny Square Blanket

Granny Square Blanket

Leaf Scarf

Leaf Scarf

I don’t think I’ve mentioned it much on here, but I like to knit. I started slowly back in 2004, then really picked it up when I moved into downtown Portland and had the most amazing knitting shop, Lint, just a few blocks away. At the time, I already had the basics down, so I took one of Lint’s classes on intarsia & felting with the amazing Leigh Radford of Alterknits fame. She is a wonderful teacher, and in that class I learned that I was knitting completely backwards!! No wonder I couldn’t do the stitch combinations in any of the cool books I had just bought. (A note to anyone just learning to knit…if it’s extremely difficult, you’re probably doing it wrong and find an experienced knitter to watch and learn from.)

One of the main reasons I took this class was because intarsia is a form of knitting similar to fair aisle (think big thick scandinavian sweaters with mooses and trees) where you incorporate several different colors into your piece. At the time, I didn’t think intarsia would be as complicated as fair aisle, but it was. All of my colors were tangled together and everything was a mess. Needless to say, this class was the first time I had ever used two colors together. Unfortunately, it was also my last.

Instead I have focused on more complicated stitch patterns and textures like the leaf scarf above. In hindsight, it was a good move for me because I was able to develop the technical skills of knitting rather than get side tracked by the pretty colors. Until now.

A few weeks ago, I taught myself how to crochet (once you can knit, crocheting is a breeze). As I learned the different stitches I kept wanting to switch colors, so I did. For the Granny Square Blanket, now that I step back and look at it, the purple, blues and grey are all pretty value-neutral. Even though I’ve never taken a color theory class, I know that it’s too flat. I think I did a little bit better with the Ripple Blanket, but the colors are predictable and primary. I still like it, but I’m going to learn from my mistakes and continue looking for inspiration. Eventually I’ll have a cohesive color strategy for every project BEFORE I start…wouldn’t’ that be nice?

What about that Leaf Scarf? Well, I started it in 2007 during my first trip to Dallas with Nik. His mom took me to her favorite yarn shop and said I could pick any yarn I wanted!!! Two hours later, we both had a huge bag full of yarn (for some reason, everything in the store was 50% off), and this fantastic green wool was her Christmas gift to me. Ever since then I seem to only be able to work on it during the holidays. I think I even carried it to Thailand, but didn’t touch it. I love the pattern and have learned a lot from it, but it requires my full attention, so it’s going slowly. I think I’ve done two leaves since we arrived in China, but have obviously been distracted by my new found passion for color. Hopefully I’ll finish it before this holiday season so that I can actually wear it.

My favorite Knitting resources: – a knitting and patchwork blog from Purl Soho in New York. Great tutorials, projects and inspiration. It’s kind of my pseudo local knitting shop because there aren’t any in Shanghai. – A knit and crochet community. Full of patterns and projects from professionals AND people like me. My name on ravelry is “Tenn” as in Tennessee.


Hi Jaimie- your projects look wonderful. I know what you mean about wanting to use color. when i step into a yarn shop its hard to decide on anything. i always have too many ideas.
i have been crocheting for years (off and on) my first attempt at a ripple blanket was for my brothers recent baby shower. you can see it here:
cant wait to see your future projects

I’ll have to go friend you on Ravelry. I made a ripple blanket for my son a couple of years ago, he loves it. How are you finding the Chinese yarn? I had trouble figuring out the content on the labels.

I’m going to Tennessee today to visit my mom and see what she made with the yarn I brought her from Shanghai.


Thanks Cindy!

Mary, the yarn I bought for the ripple blanket is a very basic cotton. It’s fun to work with because I’ve never used straight cotton before, so it feels kind of rustic and extremely durable. But I’m getting braver and braver in the yarn shops, and think I have found some wool/cashmere blends that feel fantastic for my next project. I’m like you and can’t figure out the content, but if they feel good to the touch, I’m trusting that they’re good.

Say “Hi” to all the Sinzes in Tennessee while you’re there!!


There ARE knitting shops in Shanghai, lots of them! If you’re on Ravelry, join the China knitters group and search the forum for Shanghai yarn shops – there’s a whole list. Happy shopping!


Wow! Thanks Michelle!!! I am still getting used to Ravelry, and hadn’t found the groups yet, so thanks for the recommendation. I do actually have three yarn shops pretty close to my apartment on Ruijin Rd near Taikang Rd, and have finally built up the courage to go in and try to decipher the Chinese labels. It seems to be mostly wool with some ferret, raccoon and cotton as well. It’s funny because the ladies working there ignored me until I started pulling out bags of yarn and looking to see if I liked the colors…then all of a sudden they realized that I might actually buy something and were very interested!!

I do love these shops and the yarn is incredibly inexpensive, but the color ways are extremely vibrant and the lighting is really bad so it’s hard to make decisions. I’m getting better though, and have started “testing” a couple balls of yarn then going back to buy more if I decide to use them. I’ll let you know how it goes!!

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