Thanksgiving 1982

November 26th, 2009. Family
Grammy and Grandad

Grammy and Granddad

Thanksgiving 1982 was only my second Thanksgiving ever, but it was my last with my Grandmother (Grammy). I don’t remember the day at my Aunt Nancy’s new house, but these photos show that we were all happy. I especially love the photo of my grandparents above because I have never seen my Granddad smile like that. She must have been something special.

These photos are also interesting because today, in 2009, my parents are the same age as my grandparents’ in 1983. I am the same age as my parents’. And my nieces are the same age as me.

Today, I am thankful for my family. I am thankful that we have been blessed with full and happy lives in which opportunities are endless. I am thankful that we are a creative group even though it only shows in small doses. I am thankful for Nik, and am thankful that he will soon join this crazy family of mine.

With that, I leave you with a few more photos of Thanksgiving 1982. I hope you all have a wonderful day!

The table

The table

Me and Uncle Jim

Me and Uncle Jim

Our family of five

Our family of five

And here’s a photo of my grandmother in her dietitian’s uniform when she was 22:

20091126_1948_Barbera Ickard_01



J, I love this post and the parallels you drew between thanksgivings. I hope the whole family will look at these.

Connie Bennett:

Jamie, You don’t know me but I just got off the phone this morning with your Mimi and she told me about your website. Loved the pictures of you, your Mom and Keisha in NYC. Your Mimi was my daughter, Janice’s second Mother when we lived in Nashville and Keisha was just born before I moved back to NJ. Janice still lives there in Antioch. Thanks for the memories and tell your Mom and Dad hey for me.

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