Trying a city on for size

February 8th, 2010. California

This week, Nik and I are trying this city on for size. Does it fit our lives? Does it fulfill our dreams? Is it comfortable enough to live in day or night? Summer or winter? Rain or sunshine? Do our careers fit this city? Are there opportunities for us? Do we like the food? Do we like the people? Most of all, does this city make us happy?

It is an exciting time, and after one day, we’re smitten. But we haven’t gotten to the nitty-gritty yet.


i probably should know what city this is, but i cant place the buildings….do tell….where will you be living next?
(maybe its in the 1st pic but that one didnt come up for me)


Hey Cindy….as long as you promise that it won’t jinx our moving here, I’ll tell you the city. It’s San Francisco!


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