Dream #42: Live in a House that Matches the Sky

April 22nd, 2010. California

A house that matches the sky

Yesterday I discovered a hidden dream of mine, and that is to live in a house that matches the sky! Fortunately, San Francisco is full of sky blue houses and I happened to walk past several of them throughout the day. I would like to add one disclaimer that might not be completely clear: I want to live in a house that matches the sky on a PRETTY day…meaning a clear sky sunny day!

Or maybe my house can match Neapolitan Ice Cream?

Mint, Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate?

Or it can coordinate with my scooter?

The Pink & Grey combo

Grey-Green & White?

Regardless of how this dream of mine pans out, I will certainly be within walking distance of other interesting and entertaining sights!!

Loading Dock Cowboy

Roof Duct Robot searching for Doves

Sky colored Break Service

Slash Pigeon Coop

Needless to say, yesterday I enjoyed a little daydreaming. Hope you did too!



There are some great — and some very wild — color schemes here in the city, though the homes are so close together! Anyway it’s a small price to pay to live in one of the best cities in the world, imho.

What neighborhood are these pics from? Have you by chance seen the YBCA “dream house” in Noe Valley? On the website (it’s being raffled off) it looks kinda brown but in person it has a neat rustic purple thing going on.


Hey Sydni! All of these photos are in the Mission/Delores Park/Bernal Heights area. The Neapolitan Ice Cream houses are on the northern face of Bernal Heights near Precita Park.

And nope, I haven’t been by the dream house but have seen the posters everywhere. I never would have expected it to be plum!!!

I agree, there are some wild-wonderful color schemes in this town. Thanks for the comment.

loving your photos!

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