Breakers, Standing & Keys

May 18th, 2010. California

The past 48 hours have proven to be a wonderful example of why I love living in a city. On Sunday morning, Nik and I woke up to sounds of cheering and yelling as the Bay to Breakers 10K race ran less than a block away from our apartment. Sunday afternoon, I rode with friends north to Petaluma to serve a dinner for Outstanding In The Field at County Line Farm. This morning, I had a work related meeting. Then this afternoon, Nik and I were given keys to our new apartment!!

Ferries frolicking near Fillmore

The Metallics

Hugh, is that you?

Calendar Girls

George & Barbara

George & Barbara...scratch that....I meant Laura!

Neon Couple

The table

The rest of the table

How many doors are in this 3-room apartment?

Nik's bedroom : Original Refrigerator : Original Cabinetry : Original Ironing Board

Breakfast table : Entry Hall : Wood Floors : Nik, are you okay?

13 doors!!!! Yep, 1-3. It is a very open apartment!!!

Tomorrow, we will be flying up to Portland to visit friends and family for the week. Then on Friday, we will pack up a U-Haul and finally officially move ourselves to San Francisco. Wow, what a week this one has been and will be!


not to nitpick, but that’s George and Laura, not Barbara. It’s easy to remember: Laura is his wife and the one who killed her boyfriend when she was 17, and Barbara is his terrifying mother who has looked 200 years old for at least the last 30 years.

your new, door-filled apartment looks awesome! and thanks for the previous invite! i took the liberty and got our plane tickets out for this sunday! this is going to be a fun three-week visit!

kidding of course. but seriously, sometime, you know, eventually, expect us!


ugh…I hate it when I make mistakes! But that rarely happens, so I guess it just shows I’m human. So, thank you Daniel for pointing out that I called Laura by her mother-in-law’s name. Sorry Laura.

And Daniel, you just tell us when…and we’ll reserve Nik’s bedroom for you.

Um, I’m going to have to stop reading your blog just out of pure, unmitigated envy-driven spite. Not only are you living in one of the most awesome cities on earth, but you also have an incredibly cute apartment?? Hardwood floors, molding, and the kind of breakfast table I’ve always wanted but thought only existed in 1950s sitcoms?? Ugh, totally unfair! -X

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