The last week of April

May 3rd, 2010. California

The week beginning on April 25 and ending on May 2 was not a mind-blowing amazing week, but when I look back at it today, there were a lot of great moments.

1. I met a really cool guy that runs a custom cabinetry workshop in a neighborhood I had never been to before. His shop is just north of the I-280/Hwy 101 intersection on the back side of Bernal Heights. The main street, Cortland, is a cute one. The neighborhood is filled with smaller single family homes and backs into a hodgepodge of industrial buildings.

Across the way from the cabinet shop

Another Blue Dream House

I just like this house. The proportions, color, simplicity, planters, subtle asymmetry. Everything.

2. I continued the search for our perfect apartment. One that I was excited about turned out to be terrible. The management company didn’t even bother sweeping the floors before showing the apartment!! Honestly, if the apartment had been cleaned and the girl showing it would have shown the tiniest bit of excitement, we would have considered it.

The incredible view of downtown from the could-be-awesome-but-isn't apartment.

3. I ate lunch at the top of a hill. See, that’s my purse proving that I was there.


3. I visited the New San Francisco Federal Building. I don’t know why they have “new” in front of every single building reference. Perhaps there is an “old” SF Federal Building? Well, the building was designed by Morphosis which happens to be a pretty big named Los Angeles architecture firm. The building was cool, and I’m glad I visited.

Tip: If you walked past the building, you wouldn’t think you could go in, but you can. Just go through the entrance marked “visitors” and tell them that you want to see the building. The security guards are quite proud of it and will direct you to grab a “self guided tour” print out. Then you’re on your own to wander through the public spaces.

The main lobby

View of SOMA from the 12th Floor skybridge

4. Since I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by and looked at rooms at the Good Hotel on Mission St. I loved it. Part motor-lodge, part hostel, part designy boutique hotel. The only bad thing is the location. I would not want to walk back alone to my hotel room late at night near Mission & 5th. Too many crazies.

By the way, I have started wandering into hotels randomly whenever I pass just because I’m curious. I tell the front desk worker that I have friends visiting soon (which is always true!), and I would like to see a typical room. So far, they have handed me a key and maybe held on to my drivers license, and I have been free to check it out on my own.

be bed

The good toilet

5. Nik and I were walking to dinner and found ourselves in the middle of April’s Critical Mass! It is a monthly bike ride through San Francisco where the cyclists stop traffic simply by achieving a critical mass.

Critical Mass on the Embarcadero

6. We took a little day trip down Highway 1 to Santa Cruz so that I could serve tables at the Blue Moon Organics Farm for Outstanding in the Field. It was my first time serving since college. So that was almost seven years ago? Luckily, I didn’t mess anything up too bad! And boy was I exhausted by the end of the dinner. I haven’t been that tired in a long time.

7. I finally experienced one of Nik’s favorite spots in San Francisco, Baker Beach. He used to live in the Baker Beach Apartments and claims to have come down to this beach all the time after work and on weekends. Well, now I believe him!!! It is a beautiful stretch of sand with the perfect blend of view, cityscape, crashing waves and jolly good happy people. Yes, we did walk to the end, and saw a few exposed man-parts and lady parts. It’s all part of San Francisco!!

The sun grew a tail

The beautiful day at Baker Beach

A couple relaxing near by

Baker Beach from above

8. In the midst of a bus transfer at Union & Fillmore, we stopped for frozen yogurt at the Liquor Store. This is a new tradition that is probably short lived since our days at the Fillmore Street apartment are numbered, but it is one that I love. I always get a kids size peanut butter frozen yogurt. Sometimes I get toppings, like peanut butter cups! Sometimes I don’t. I tried to mix it up once with part peanut butter, part chocolate decadence, and I didn’t like the chocolate at all.

The best peanut butter frozen yogurt in town

9. We have also been talking about our wedding more and more. Still no date or location, but we have lots of great ideas.

10. Oh, and there are good things happening on the job fronts!!!

For Nik’s account of the weekend, click here: A weekend at Santa Cruz and Baker Beach


wait, how could any week with peanut butter cup covered peanut butter frozen yogurt in it not be awesome? you lost me.


Good point Daniel. I never said it wasn’t an awesome week, it’s just that it wasn’t one that I would remember every little thing…but now that it has been well documented, it is in the record books.

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