A typical week in San Francisco

June 3rd, 2010. California

Last Thursday…

Sutro Bath

Just before sunset, we went to the Sutro Baths and watched hawks hunt for mice

and then we drank coffee on our roof

On Friday…

We walked to the Lands End trail in Lincoln Park and spotted the first blackberries of the season

and a few California Poppies

Then we sat and watched sailboats race through the bay.

At the end of the trail, I used the restroom at the Legion of Honor and was astonished that I had never even heard of this place!

I felt like I had stepped into an ancient French or Italian city and was surrounded by beautiful colonnades and marble details.

Of course, I asked Nik to ponder with the Thinker.

Throughout the week…

My gorgeous green Azuki bike has been begging me for a ride.

Then today…

we strolled through the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park. Another gem I didn't know existed! Doesn't this flower look like a ball gown?

The squirrels scampered, and this one paused at the elbow of a redwood.

We sat by a pond and watched gophers pop in and out of their holes. (fungi was sprouting near by)

After lunch, we returned home to find the fog horns blowing

and our rooftop view was reduced to a few blocks!

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if this really was a typical week in San Francisco? I would be naive to believe that it will be, because life will catch up to us very soon.

Nik’s account of the week can be found here: Frisbee Golf and More


Claire Anspach:

love your pictures and your view of our beautiful Bay Area……so splendid in every way!

Great post as always, my blogging nemesis!

Lovely pictures, and an even more lovely bike!! Fingers crossed it is most definitely a regular week in San Francisco!

LOVE your bike!

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