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Just another day in Frisco

Sunday, November 7th, 2010

A few murals from the Mission alleyways.

Just another day in Frisco

The evil Rabbit (click image to enlarge)

A peaceful morning in the mountains (click image to enlarge)

Pillow transformers take over the city while Scooby clings to some random guy (click image to enlarge and see amazing details)

She's watching you

Secret Breakfast anyone? (it's an ice cream flavor with bourbon & cornflakes!)

Friends came into town and gave us an excuse to explore.

One of many deer at Pt Reyes (we saw whales too!)

One of many deer at Pt Reyes (we saw whales too!)

Biking over the Golden Gate Bridge

City Hall at Sunset

Biking through the Dogpatch

Nik and I rode south along Highway 1 after camping in the Presidio.

Father and daughter fish for Dungeness Crab

I wonder if the water that flows through this sink comes from below

A tired white fence

What happens to pumpkins that don't turn into Jack-o-lanterns?

Oh, and the Giants won the World Series!!!

Near Montgomery Street after the team's welcome home parade

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