Photos no one else would have taken

December 15th, 2010. Random

I just scrolled through Nik’s most recent blog post about his trip to Los Angeles last weekend, and I must say that this set is perhaps his best yet. Yes, I am biased, but his talent is rapidly progressing, and I love it. He just told me, “I think these are photos that no one else would have taken.” That is the beauty of it. He takes photos of things that we all see, but never think twice about. They aren’t the “money shots”. Well, some are. But he has a way of capturing places and objects that are often decrepid or crumbling, but somehow, he makes them beautiful. The photos he takes are not trying to make anything look better or worse than it is. They are just honest. With that, here are a couple of the 120 photos he has posted. I encourage you to take a look for yourself.

Nik’s Blog: Three Days in Los Angeles, One Day around Salton Sea

Gulls in a row.


Horse Head

Horse head says hello

Telescope to the left.

Wooden structure near abandoned garage

Wooden structure near an abandoned garage

Beautiful color scheme

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