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The Palace of Fine Arts

Monday, January 31st, 2011

The goddesses atop the Palace of Fine Arts were built to watch over throngs of visitors at the 1915 Panama-Pacific Exposition. Today, they watch 20-somethings living their lives in the Marina.

Given my recent absence here, I am going to simplify things. Rather than post multiple photos at a time with detailed descriptions, I am going to move in the direction of some of my favorite photo blogs. I will post one photo at a time with the hope that I will post more regularly. Ideally, I would like to post one photo a day, but we’ll see.

Here’s to balancing blogging and working 40+ hours a week!!!

2010 Will Be Remembered

Tuesday, January 4th, 2011

2010 will always be known to me as the year we moved to San Francisco. It will be the year after Shanghai. It will be the year before we were married. It will be the year we searched for and found, searched for and found, and searched for and found jobs. It will be the year I started working at P&T. It will be the year Nik bought his navy blue scooter. It will be the year of our first apartment in America. It will be the year we caved and bought iPhones. It will be the year we flipped on trampolines. It will be the year Mom & Dad, Michael & Leslie, Chris & Maurene, Jon & Moranne, and Daniel & Kelly came to visit. It will be the year we spent a month in Dallas with Nik’s parents. It will be the year we went to Sequoia National Park. It will be the year we started volunteering for the National Park Service. It will be the year we met Maggie, Rebecca, Neal, Karrie, and Wayne. It will be the year we indulged in gourmet ice creams. It will be the year I worked a few Outstanding in the Field dinners. It will be a year that is remembered fondly, and for visual reference, here are a few photos…

In January…

The Writing Desk

we stayed for a couple nights at the Hotel Santa Fe in Austin,


we frolicked on the beach in Galveston,

The North Shore

and we explored the island of Kauai with Nik's family.

In February…

we took a one-way flight to San Francisco (!!!),

moved into an apartment in Hayes Valley,

and started to explore the streets with gusto.

In March…

we searched for hilltop views,

I started volunteering at the Gardens of Alcatraz,

and we discovered a Blue Bottle Coffee in our neighborhood.

In April…

I continued to explore the city as Nik worked,

we took a little trip to Montara,

and I participated in the "I Live Here SF" project.

In May…

we spent a summery day (one of only two summery days all year) at Baker Beach,

I worked at a few Outstanding in the Field dinners,

and we found OUR apartment!!!!

In June…

we became one with the Richmond neighborhood,

we explored near and far on the scooter,

I took a quick trip to Denver to see my big brother,

and we perfected our people watching skills at Delores Park.

In July…

we spent July 4th weekend with the giant sequoias,

Nik took me to a Giants game for my birthday (We had no idea we were watching the future World Series Champions),

and I started working full time.

In August…

I started taking photos with my phone,

we saw dolphins swimming near Fort Cronkhite,

we ate sliders,

and my parents came to visit.

In September…

we drove the scooter up to Pt. Reyes for the first time,

Nik and Val perfected their feather skills,

and we explored the depths of Golden Gate Park (also known as GG Park).

In October…

we hiked through the Marin Headlands,

and we saw the inside of Fort Point for the first time.

In November,

we took a little road trip and found hundreds of pumpkins,

we biked across the Golden Gate Bridge,

and we explored ancient cave dwellings while visiting Nik's sister in Santa Fe.

In December…

Nik sold his old Portland scooter,

and then we went home to spend the holidays with family.

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

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