Cherry Picking in Brentwood

June 5th, 2011. California
Ripe Cherries

Ripe Cherries there for the pickin'

Today we went cherry picking in Brentwood, California!!! We took our time on the way there and on the way back stopping at random junk yards and abandoned buildings. It rained a little bit, we saw a few wild turkeys, and we ate almost as many cherries as we brought home. 6.5 lbs was our total for $18. Kind of pricey, but worth it. Unfortunately, I do not remember the name of the farm we stopped at, but it was the only one brave (or naive) enough to be open on a super muddy Sunday afternoon at the height of cherry season. Their small orchard was packed with self-pickers, so even though they had to clean up a lot of mud afterwards, they probably made more today than they would at a farmer’s market.

Nik piking

A handful of our cherries

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