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A Honeymoon in Oaxaca

Tuesday, August 2nd, 2011

Selling Crickets

A little while ago, I went with a handsome boy to Mexico. We strolled through the markets and plazas, we ate tamales, ice cream and molé, and we tried to speak Spanish. You see, this wasn’t just any trip. It was a special trip following a special day. It was our honeymoon.

Beatles Everywhere

Blue Paint

The Valley



Another Bug



Beans and Rice


A couple faces

Etla Market

The Etla Market

Chocolate Milk & Chocolate Water

Blue dishes

Blue pots that I wish I had

The Comal

Cooking Class


The Ranch

Him & Me

Ice Cream

He likes his ice cream

Abandoned train station

Stairs over the aqueduct

A boy under the aqueduct

Mt Alban


Nik in the field

Mole playing Rummy

The Botanical Gardens


Cochineal in our palms

Tuna (cactus fruit) shaved ice


The raw goods for natural dyes

Yarn from the natural dyes


Balloon Dodge

Church on the Mountain Top

blue laundry

Blue Laundry

Frame and Cathedral

Sorry for all of the photos of Nik and our wedding rings. I guess those were two elements of our trip that I liked the most.

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