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January 15th, 2012. Random

I started a new photography and story telling project called 366 Objects! My plan is to photograph an object and tell its story every day of 2012 which is a leap year, hence 366. Most things I own were either given to me by people I care about, were found on fantastic adventures, were purchased to fulfill a very specific desire or need, or are simply beautiful (in my eyes at least). The stories will be the easy part, and the photography will be the hard part. 366 Objects is definitely inspired by some other great projects I have followed, including A Collection a Day by Lisa Congdon, multiple projects at 3191 Miles Apart by Stephanie & MAV, and Drawing A Day by Lauren Nassef. Click here or the 366 Objects logo above to go to the website.


Next week I will be going to the Altitude Design Summit in Salt Lake City!! It will be the first time I have ever spent multiple days with five hundred people I don’t know talking about something I am interested in. I will be surrounded by ladies & gentlemen I have admired via the internet for years, and I get to wear a vintage white sequins top from my mother-in-law’s shop to one of the big parties. I am definitely a little nervous because I am not really a design blogger….but I am a designer and a blogger, so I guess that counts. Right? I hope to do a post or two while I am there.

As I gear up for Alt, I am trying to streamline myself on the internet. I am active on several social networking sites, and you can now find me by looking for @jamiesinz on Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr.

Finally, since I do not carry my full camera around every day, I have started taking photos with my phone. Many of these have been posted to Instagram and if you have the app, you can find me @jamiesinz. Since we cannot access Instagram directly from a computer, I am also posting them to my Tumblr blog. To see the blog, go to jamiesinz.tumblr.com or click any of the images below.

I have several more ideas about how to push my personal and professional limits, and I cannot wait for them to evolve enough for me to share those too!!



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