Mexico City: Historic District & Other Buildings

September 10th, 2012. Mexico

For some reason, visiting Mexico City was the first time in quite a while where I felt like an architect traveling. I was constantly dragging Nik into this building and that building just to see the buildings. I went to several art museums and wandered down several small streets just because I could see an interior or the corner of a building that I thought might be interesting. I could easily imagine leading a group of students around this city to sketch. So many details are worth studying!! Also, several of the buildings are open to the public. Some are art galleries, but many of the largest and most ornate structures are publicly owned, like the central post office.

Bicycles parked in front of the Ángel de la Independencia on Reforma Avenue

Post Office

Post Office

The courtyards of the Secretary of Public Education are lined with Diego Rivera murals on all three levels. It is the most pleasant public building I have ever been to.

The iconic eagle eating a snake that marked a critical moment in Mexico City’s settlement.


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