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Can it be June already?

June 8, 2013


Hand Quilted

Spring came and went this year before I could catch my breath. My not-so-new job leaves me exhausted most days to the point where all I can do is come home to sit on the couch and watch shows. I don’t see it as a sign of laziness, but rather a sign of satisfaction. I am working hard and it is stressful, but it is a satisfying stress. I know the work we are doing is leading to students and professors getting a little more out of their days than they did before. Also, my colleagues teach me something new every day, and because of this, I am becoming a better architect.

Other than work, Nik and I have been making the most of our weekends. We took a long drive up to the Russian River Valley, spent all of Memorial Day weekend with family here in the Bay Area (some were visiting, some live here), have gone on several long bike rides, and have had many breakfasts at our favorite neighborhood coffee shop while doing laundry. Next weekend we are heading south to Monterey to celebrate our 2-year wedding anniversary before coming back to the city to cheer a friend on as she completes the SF Marathon! Then the following weekend we will be driving north to Bolinas to have dinner with friends on a farm.

Speaking of weddings, I finally took a photos of our finished wedding quilt. I made the quilt top from the flags that hung at our wedding ceremony and then hand quilted it. I finished it just before our 1-year anniversary, and we use it all the time.


Our Wedding Blanket


Russian River Valley


April 6, 2013 – Seven Years after our very first date



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