This is Happening

February 3rd, 2015. California, Europe
The Coastal Trail

From The Coastal Trail

This is happening. This is really happening. For a couple years I didn’t think it would, but it is. It is really happening.

Nik and I are giving ourselves the gift of time. Time to travel. Time to be together. Time to see the world. Time to wander. Time to do nothing. Time to dream.

To prepare, we are giving away a few items, selling a few items, and packing the rest into cardboard. We are leaving our jobs, saying goodbye to the friends we have made, saying a brief hello to our families, and then jet setting to the European continent.

We have found the perfect bags and picked out which shoes we want to wear while walking along cobblestones. We have our passports renewed, and international drivers permits in hand. We have credit cards that won’t charge us $$ to use them, and we have a plan for our cell phones. We have our cameras and our computers, and our websites have been refreshed.

We have a route we think we want to take, a few dates we want to have with friends and family along the way, and our first month of accommodations and transportation arranged. We will figure the rest out later.

We do not know where we will live once it is time to live somewhere, and that is one of my favorite parts. We will be traveling without the burden of home, but with the dream of a home. I am certain that we will have a slightly different perspective on life once we get back, so there is no point in making a decision that will impact our lives for the next 5-10 years now.

We are also taking advantage of our last few weeks in San Francisco. We are going on our favorite hikes, eating at our favorite restaurants, and seeing our favorite people. I am thinking a lot about what I have accomplished here, and it is quite a bit. San Francisco has been good to me, and I am grateful for that. But I am also grateful to know that it is time to go.

Crissy Field

From Crissy Field

From the Golden Gate Bridge

From the Golden Gate Bridge




beautiful photos, jamie!


I am so very excited for you. And more than a little bit envious. I will call you before you go. Love you and can’t wait to keep up with your adventures. xx


this is wonderful! I’m thrilled for y’all and can’t wait to read/hear all about your adventures.

What a fantastic start to a grand adventure – it is inspiring to read about and I can’t wait to follow along virtually however you choose to share (or not) your adventures! Safe travels, free hearts, and open horizons!


Totes jelly, as the kids say.

I’m so excited for you guys, and I can’t wait to see the posts along the way!


wow, amazing! have some amazing adventures in those cobblestone shoes :)


I am so excited for the two of you. Congratulations in being to follow your adventure. I am looking forward to following along on your blogs.


Many good wishes for laugher, excitment, wonderment and awe … positive thoughts for safe travels … and above all much love from the GGU gang!!!


Thank you, Mike!! GGU will always have a place in my heart, and when I bring my kids (if I ever have any) to SF one day, we will walk around 536 Mission and they will know that their Mom was the architect there.


AHHHH found this/your website via Google search aaaaand I’m a couple of weeks late, but congratulations!! I am so, so, so excited for you. :)

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