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Hello and welcome!!

I am a dreamer that grew up in a suburb of Nashville, and have been exploring the world ever since I left home to go to college. Since then, I have lived in Portland, Chiang Mai, Shanghai, and San Francisco. My latest adventure was traveling throughout Europe with my husband, Nik Daum, and we are currently searching for the next place to call home.

Thanks for stopping by to glance at my life, and I do hope you come back soon!

PS. If the blog isn’t enough, check out 366 Objects. It is an ongoing project I started in 2012 where I photograph and tell the stories of physical objects in my home. The goal is to recognize the significance of everything around me.


Fellow SF resident and architect loves your images.
Particularly glad that you and Nik are regular visitors of the Presidio and the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, some of the best places in the Bay Area, in my opinion. Kirby cove!
I love the way you capture details that tell stories about the place you visited. While looking last night at your Mexico City pictures I showed them to the woman who cleans our offices who was nearly in tears looking at pictures her home country.
If you are interested in seeing more and special places in the Presidio please contact me. I’d love to show you some of my favorite photogenic locations.

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