Postcard from Mumbai, India

October 15th, 2008. India
Mumbai Bookstalls

Mumbai Bookstalls

Mumbai, formerly Bombay, has graciously hosted Nik and I’s adventure for the past three days.  Our bus ride from Udaipur was better than I expected, but sleepless.

So far we have walked through neighborhoods, browsed bookstalls and bookstores, watched pick-up cricket matches, seen scores of outdoor laundry stalls, ridden the commuter train during rush hour, strolled along the beach side, and walked out to a mosque along a land bridge that is consumed by the sea at high tide.  Mumbai is the first truly “international” city we have been in since San Francisco in May, and it is a huge relief.  There is something about this city that is familiar although it is still so foreign.

We leave tomorrow on a day train to the beach state of Goa.  The area has come with mixed reviews, but our goal is to find a peaceful end to our month long journey.


we leave for india friday! can. not. wait.


Oh my!!!! I wish you guys SOOOO much luck. You’re going to love it, and I can’t wait to hear about it.


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