Postcard from Udaipur, India

October 11th, 2008. India
Lakeside Udaipur

Lakeside Udaipur

We arrived safely in Udaipur on Thursday, despite a pretty rough bus ride. Just imagine the worst public bus you have ever been on, and the worst “paved” road and you will have a vague idea of our trip. It was an experience, and hopefully we won’t have to do that again!

Udaipur, however, is fantastic. It is a tourist town, but it is extremely mellow. We have met several fellow travelers, and the locals are great. They do try to get us to come into their shops, but it’s almost comical rather than annoying. Perhaps we are used to it, or perhaps they just aren’t as pushy?? Since we have arrived we have witnessed a pink-powder celebration, paddle boated around the lake, walked through the grounds of the palace and had several meals at the best rooftop restaurant in town. Hopefully we will see Octopussy, the James Bond movie that was filmed here years ago tonight and we’ll make it to the monsoon palace or the other lake a few kilometers away.

We leave tomorrow afternoon on a Volvo semi-sleeper bus. It is air conditioned and we have been assured that the trip will be better than the last one. Keep your fingers crossed for us!!

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Saturday Oct 11, 11:15 PM Great picture. Pink Powder Celebration?? Sounds strange ! Sounds like your eating well. I think I would like to try some Indian dishes. Enjoy your Volvo bus ride. Love ya, Dad

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