In Seoul during Monsoon Season

August 2nd, 2009. South Korea
Water can't hurt anything

Water can't hurt anything

I’m in Seoul, South Korea right now, and have been for the past four days. I’ve seen some amazing things, eaten a few wonderful meals and met some really cool people. I miss Nik a ton. I know he wishes he could be with me, and I definitely wish he could be with me. I feel bad that I’m seeing cool stuff while he’s working, but I’m certain the tables will turn at some point in the future!!

Sorry for the teaser, but it is monsoon season and it rained for the first time this morning (since I’ve been here) and it was beautiful!!! I was sitting on the porch of a hanok while the sky dropped around me. One time lightning struck within the block and nearly burst my eardrums and I swear the ground shook. But that might have just been me jumping out of my skin. The storm lasted for about an hour and then the skies cleared and it turned out to be a beautiful day.

I have lots to show and tell, and hopefully I’ll do that tomorrow. Until then…

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