The Alamo Square Apartment

February 23rd, 2010. California
Alamo Square

Alamo Square

Today was our first full day in our new apartment near Alamo Square! It is a completely furnished studio (except sheets apparently) with about 400 square feet. Perfect for our first apartment in San Francisco. We will only live here for a month or two while we look for jobs, scope out the city and decide which neighborhood we really want to call home. Then we’ll find a bigger, probably 1-bedroom, place that we could see ourselves living in for a couple years. That’s when we’ll finally rent a moving van and properly move our furniture and miscellaneous items, officially relinquishing our claims to living in Portland!

Our morning started with a 2-bus transfer to the closest Trader Joe’s for groceries. We stocked up on most of the basics we knew and loved in Portland, but limited ourselves to three grocery bags. We rode back, unloaded our goods, ate lunch and went out to enjoy the beautiful day at Alamo Square. Nik brought the feather, and we kicked around for an hour or so while looking out over the city of San Francisco beyond the Painted Ladies………..are we in heaven?

Our bay window and a glass table that resembles one we had in our first Thailand apartment.

The bed with a large closet beyond.

The Kitchen

Our Honey Bear

Three of the Painted Ladies

Three more of the Painted Ladies.

Green spires

The attached Green Victorian

White Details

The attached blue Victorian

Golden detail work

The bike routes near our apartment


I lived in hayes valley for 2 years and it was a great place to call home! I bet you guys will enjoy alamo square because your in the middle of the city so can get anywhere easily and your close to divisadero, gg park and hayes valley!

Looks like a super cute spot to hang out in while you get accustomed to San Franscico!

I’m going to be heading that way for a few days in April– thanks for giving me some shots to help remind me of what I’m looking forward to! -X

SF! YAY! love it there. will have to catch up more on the blog this week (after my midterm tomorrow). but there’s a chance (like 50/50%) i’ll be there this summer :) hope you are well and looking forward to catching up on your adventures soon! thanks for filling out my survey (it’s actually for a communications plan i’m developing for a boutique hotel in marrakech). ok, enjoy rambling. i need sleep!



I LOVE San Fran!!!! It’s gotta be one of my favorite cities in the States. The place where I grew up is not all that far away… Perhaps a five hour drive South. If you want to see something amazing, wait until April and then take a drive around Springville, CA. There are so many wildflowers that the foothills literally change color! Beautiful place, but I think I’ll stay in China… Liz

Oh my, I’m behind on reading my favorite blogs …. I’m so jealous you’re living in San Francisco. It’s one of my favorite cities. Hope you enjoy it!


Hi, first time commenting! I came upon your blog from Design Sponge –> Pret a Voyager –> Three Cheers to an Amazing 2008 (awesome post!) and have been living vicariously through your travels in Asia. I went to Bangkok/Chiang Mai in 2007 and I’d love to visit China next year.

About SF… I’ve lived in the city for about 3 years now, and every time I take a moment to look around, I feel so very fortunate to live in a place so beautiful. I haven’t lived anywhere else that I’ve loved as much, and I’m dreading the day when I may have to move elsewhere for schooling or work. I am surprised that – even though I feel like I want to see new places all the time – I feel happy and calm and settled in SF.

Welcome to the city! I hope you two will love it!

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