February 25th, 2010. California, San Francisco Streets

Hayes from Stanyan to Fillmore

After meeting a friend at the DeYoung Museum to see the Amish Abstractions: Quilt exhibit (it’s amazing), I walked down Hayes Street to get home. All of these photos were taken on the 14 blocks between Stanyan and Fillmore.

Oh, and I spruced up my blog a little bit. I finally designed a logo, which consists of all the places that I have ever lived starting with Tennessee in the middle. Then I cleaned up and styled everything else. I am quite pleased with results, and the best part is that I did it almost all by myself!!! Nik helped me a couple times when I was stumped, but that really only happened once or twice. Do you like it?

Window Faces

Wash & Dry | Leather/Suede

Wash & Dry | Leather/Suede

Big Bright Bold

Reflection of Big Bright Bold

Hayes & Clayton



Wait to Walk

Betty Boop in the Window

1700 Hayes

Bike Parking


Bus Stop

Golden Reindeer



Police Telephone

Pink Victorian

This is one of many posts in a series called San Francisco Streets. They are my way of documenting the city as I walk down each and every street. The photo sets are not ones you would see in guidebooks, but are ones that make this place unique and often quirky. Click here to see more.


Claire Anspach:

Love the new look! Isn’t SF amazing?


The logo is GREAT ! ! ! Betty Boop is looking good. Huh, Fall, OK.
Love Ya,


I love reading your blog, but allot of the pictures do not show up on my iPhone. Do I need to change a setting on my phone? Hope you and Nik are having fun. Chris


Hi J,

Love your new logo.

Is there anything below FSS on the menu??

Talk to you soon.



Mom…the only thing beneath the RSS button is a search box. if you click CTRL+”-“, your screen text should get a little smaller and you can see it.


Chris, I’m not sure how the new design will work on a smart phone…did the photos ever show up before?


I love your new logo, too! It definitely resembles a quilt pattern, which I’m sure is on purpose, which I love!


Thanks Keisha! I actually hadn’t thought of resembling a quilt, but you’re right! I guess it was a subconscious move.

YouÂ’re the one with the brains here. IÂ’m waithcng for your posts.

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