Castro & Mission

Castro : Duncan to 24th St & Mission : Powers to 18th St

This morning Nik and I set out in a new direction towards Noe Valley on the #24 bus. We were shocked that it wasn’t packed and have now vowed to take it whenever we have to go across town instead of the #22. We rang the stop request bell near Clipper Street and climbed the rest of the way up Castro to an unexpected overlook on 27th.

The panoramic view from 27th looking Northeast *Click for larger image

A few homes lined up in a row

From here we could see the entire eastern half of the city and noticed the bald spot, which is commonly known as Bernal Heights Park. Obviously, the park would also have an amazing view of the city, so we decided it would be our next stop. But first, we strolled back down Castro to the main drag in Noe Valley where Nik scouted out the bagel shops while I eyed a few shops I might want to revisit. Then we stopped at Hamano Sushi for a tasty lunch before heading for the bald spot.

Cyan House

My reflection

Leprechaun it March already?

White hydrant, Black house

Castro Substation

Bus Stop & James Lick Middle School

Red Bell

Lunch at Hamano Sushi

Manchester Street from Bernal Heights Park

The grass is green on this side.

A strange bubble fungi

Bernal Heights Park did not disappoint! I could have sat up there all day just watching life bellow. But we didn’t. Instead we walked down Mission Street in search of chaos. The street was actually pretty calm and not as quirky as I expected. We saw tons of great signage and people that I would love to photograph, but my zoom isn’t good enough and I’m too shy.

Sub Sandwiches crossing the Golden Gate Bridge

Fresh Produce!!!

Gold and Red

Elmo hanging out with Mario and Luigi

Football anyone?


Squeem, Magical Lingerie..........hahahahahahahahah! Hilarious

El Capitan...this city is filled with beautiful old theaters

We concluded our adventure with a couple scoops from Bi-Rite Creamery. Oh My Goodness, this ice cream lives up to its reputation. I had salted caramel and toffee coffee, and as you can tell, I liked it.

I ate it before I could take photos

This is one of many posts in a series called San Francisco Streets. They are my way of documenting the city as I walk down each and every street. The photo sets are not ones you would see in guidebooks, but are ones that make this place unique and often quirky. Click here to see more.


am loving these little snippets from your new life in san francisco :) It’s such a gorgeous and photogenic city. looking forward to even more hints and tips on where to go and what to see – am hoping to be in the states in a couple of months!

San Francisco is my most favourite town. I wished i had the money to go there…for ever. Your pictures just approve and amplify that dream. I´m really jealous of you. But enjoy your time!


Thanks Steve!! It is quickly becoming a favorite of mine as well :)

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