Alcatraz, North Beach & Green Street

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

On the 8:45 Staff Ferry to Alcatraz

Today is Wednesday, and on Wednesdays I go out to Alcatraz to weed the gardens. I brought my camera along this time so that I could get photos of the island from the boat, and here is the result. I’m not too pleased with them, but I guess they’re okay.

The Rock

The Rock

The Bay Bridge in the morning

When we finished, I went to have coffee with a couple friends in North Beach and then wandered my way home. Along the way, I passed by Al’s Attire on Grant Avenue. I was in dirty gardening clothes, but I went in anyways. The shop is tiny, but the clothes are beautiful. Everything is hand tailored and has a certain strength, but is still delicate. I couldn’t leave without touching almost every piece, and my mind started whirling about having them design and tailor my wedding dress….so we’ll see!

Al's Attire

Women's Blouses

Button Selection

Then I walked east along Green Street through Russian Hill and then detoured to Union and stopped by Past Perfect, a great antique & mid-century furniture and nik-nac store. All in all, it was a great day!

Green Street between Montgomery & Polk

Ducts & Spires

Blue Dodge

Green Street

Restoration in progress

Leidesdorff: Between Clay & Pine

Thursday, April 8th, 2010

Lapse in security

Saturday morning, Nik had to go into work. After a quick breakfast together, I rode the bus into town with him and walked him to his office door. From there, I explored his street a little and then made my way slowly up to Pacific Heights. The morning was pretty grey, but as I left downtown, the clouds burned away and blue skies made their way in.

Nik pumping himself up for a weekend work day.

Gas and Electric


Black Pipes

Knights on guard

The carriage

Golden Eagle

Fire Escape

Reflecting Door

Structural Problems

Looking up California

You are welcome to stroll with me down more San Francisco Streets.


Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Page between Fillmore & Stanyan

Kissing Victorians

I spy a slide

News on your doorstep

The afternoon commute

One of the stranger details I've seen so log style

Blue on blue on blue

Passing by

Built in 1899...probably rebuilt in 2009

First, I was drawn to the white scarf. Then I was intrigued by the blouse. Then I noticed the Louisville Slugger bag!!!

Green truck

He's an 8-pointer

Look mom, one-handed!

Fruit Basket

Time to go home now

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