Alcatraz, North Beach & Green Street

On the 8:45 Staff Ferry to Alcatraz

Today is Wednesday, and on Wednesdays I go out to Alcatraz to weed the gardens. I brought my camera along this time so that I could get photos of the island from the boat, and here is the result. I’m not too pleased with them, but I guess they’re okay.

The Rock

The Rock

The Bay Bridge in the morning

When we finished, I went to have coffee with a couple friends in North Beach and then wandered my way home. Along the way, I passed by Al’s Attire on Grant Avenue. I was in dirty gardening clothes, but I went in anyways. The shop is tiny, but the clothes are beautiful. Everything is hand tailored and has a certain strength, but is still delicate. I couldn’t leave without touching almost every piece, and my mind started whirling about having them design and tailor my wedding dress….so we’ll see!

Al's Attire

Women's Blouses

Button Selection

Then I walked east along Green Street through Russian Hill and then detoured to Union and stopped by Past Perfect, a great antique & mid-century furniture and nik-nac store. All in all, it was a great day!

Green Street between Montgomery & Polk

Ducts & Spires

Blue Dodge

Green Street

Restoration in progress

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