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i live here:SF

Thursday, April 29th, 2010

Photo by Julie Michelle

I recently fell in love with a photo series by a local photographer called i live here:SF. The series is all about people that live in San Francisco and why they live here. Since March of 2009, Julie has photographed over 100 residents! Once it began, the series was so popular that Julie doesn’t even have to try to find people to photograph, they find her. Just like I did. The deal is that Julie will take photos of you in your favorite spot and you will write your San Francisco story. Then she’ll combine the two and post them on her blog: i live here:SF

She also just got word that i live here:SF will be having its own gallery show on November 5, 2010 at the SOMarts Cultural Center!!

To read my story and see the slideshow from Page Street: i live here:SF – Jamie

Thank you Julie for including me and for spending an hour walking along Page Street in the intense sun!!

Dream #42: Live in a House that Matches the Sky

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

A house that matches the sky

Yesterday I discovered a hidden dream of mine, and that is to live in a house that matches the sky! Fortunately, San Francisco is full of sky blue houses and I happened to walk past several of them throughout the day. I would like to add one disclaimer that might not be completely clear: I want to live in a house that matches the sky on a PRETTY day…meaning a clear sky sunny day!

Or maybe my house can match Neapolitan Ice Cream?

Mint, Strawberry, Vanilla or Chocolate?

Or it can coordinate with my scooter?

The Pink & Grey combo

Grey-Green & White?

Regardless of how this dream of mine pans out, I will certainly be within walking distance of other interesting and entertaining sights!!

Loading Dock Cowboy

Roof Duct Robot searching for Doves

Sky colored Break Service

Slash Pigeon Coop

Needless to say, yesterday I enjoyed a little daydreaming. Hope you did too!

This Beautiful Weekend

Monday, April 19th, 2010

Lounging in the Gardens

This beautiful weekend was the best we’ve had in San Francisco yet. To take advantage of it we spent most of Saturday afternoon in Golden Gate Park and most of Sunday in Crissy Field. We chatted, ate, people watched, kicked the feather and most of all, relaxed. It was a wonderful two days, and we certainly weren’t the only ones that enjoyed them.

White cactus at the Conservatory

Yellow veined leaves

The Palace of Fine Arts

For more…take a look at Nik’s awesome, amazing, incredible blog post here: Sunny Weekend at the Conservatory of Flowers and Crissy Field

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