$18 at the Local Produce Market

June 30th, 2010. California

All of this, for less than $18!!!

Tomatoes 89¢/lb

Red Potatoes 79¢/lb

White Peaches 99¢/lb

Blackberries 99¢/half pint

We are heading south to Sequoia National Park for the holiday weekend, and hopefully all of this will make it to the cabin! I give the blackberries a 50/50 chance.


Great photos. I’m excited about eating those blackberries tonight.

yum. i want to go to your cabin. happy 4th!

Oh my…that haul looks amazing! And for only $18…I am really missing fresh food here – I could go to the market, but then I’d have to wash it in purified water, prepare it with a total of 0 utensils…so I’ll just drool over my screen here for a while :D Hope you guys are well and settled in to the new place!

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