My Weekend

June 28th, 2010. California

Police Horse at the Presidio

There were no holidays, vacations, special events or other engagements that Nik and I planned to be a part of this weekend. However, we made the most of the beautiful weather and it certainly felt like a 2-day vacation in our own city.

We hunted down a new favorite food truck, Chairman Bao Steamed Buns

Shaved Ice & Steamed Bun combo for $9

The Castro was alive with celebrations of Pride WeekÂ

One of many Pride events this weekend at Delores Park...we went for the people watching

By chance, we stopped at Stern Grove just as their Sunday afternoon concert began

Sunday ended with a 5-minute bike ride to Ocean Beach

We unintentionally saw all of these amazing things without going farther than 5 miles! This is why I live in the city.

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