A Beautiful Sunday Ride

September 10th, 2010. California

Two cool kids taking photos on the beach

Last weekend, Nik and I set off early on Sunday for a ride along the coast. The weather was perfect, the roads were empty enough, and hawks and vultures constantly hovered overhead. And the best part is that we took video so that we could share it with you! Dad, you’ll especially like the part where we rode through the traffic, San Francisco style!

Yellow wild flowers

Yellow wild flowers on the side of the road

A Ramshackle Farm House

Good Fences make Good Neighbors

Ms. Reyes leaning to her right

Historic Ranch Dairy Cows

Kid playing in the sand

My favorite entry in the Drakes Beach Sand Castle Contest

The cool kid

Another farmhouse and beautiful tree


My nipple looks enormous in that first photo.

I like your photograph.

And glad to see Thailand in your frame :)

Will you visit Thailand again ? We welcome :D

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Hi Tan! I would love to visit Thailand again, as it is one of my favorite places in the world!!!!

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