Beauty in the Every Day

September 16th, 2010. California

There is something about this photo that makes me feel like I'm at home. Perhaps it's the fog. Perhaps it is the crosswalk. Perhaps it's the sloppiness of the Richmond. Who knows?

I think I have mentioned it before, but we live in the Richmond. It’s kind of a strange place that is half city/half suburb. Half America/half Asia. Half apartments/half single family homes. All foggy/zero not foggy. We still love how quiet it is, but we really are pretty far away from everything. Our morning commute is filled with traffic, and we don’t have the greatest restaurant options. Oh, and did I mention that it is foggy here? Well, it is. But that’s okay because it gives us an excuse to go on longer scooter rides like we did last weekend!

One thing we have started doing though, is waking up early on at least one weekend day to go out for coffee somewhere close. We don’t have the fancy brunch spots on Valencia or the posh café life of Union Street or the organic bagels of Noe Valley, but we have the vast sea of concrete and dim sum that all the other neighborhoods dream of! And between the hours of 7am-9am on Saturday, Geary is perfectly empty. Add the fog and a hot cup of coffee, and there is something cozy about this little place we call home. It is pleasant to walk down the street hand in hand looking in the nooks and crannies in search of strange objects in strange places. Nik seems to find plenty, but I still like to focus on the shiny pretty things!

A shiny Red fire engine

Alex - 1 2 3 (you know who you are!)

A little hill-top feather kicking

The city looks much better with blue skies (this is a photo from the Marina neighborhood)

We don't get skies like these in the RichmondÂ

I miss you guys.

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