November 7th, 2011. California

Today marks a milestone in my life that will seem insignificant very soon. Today, I took the written test that will soon lead to having a propper California Drivers License. But there’s more. Not only did I take the standard class “C” vehicular test required, I also took the “M” class motorcycle test!!! I took it for the heck of it, and failed. When I saw that I failed, I could have walked away and said, “well I’ll just take the regular one.” But no. Instead I picked up a study book for the motorcycle test, found a seat at a café near by, and read it cover to cover. Then I waltzed back into the DMV, told the proctor I was ready, and took the test again. This time I passed with flying colors.

Now, I have to do the scary part and actually take the driving test. I am still a little frightened by driving a scooter/motorcycle, but I think that it is a fear that can be conquered. I have no intention of purchasing a motorcycle, but since Nik and I’s only vehicle is a scooter, I figure I might as well learn to drive it.

Today marks another milestone that will never seem insignificant. Today I am officially looking for new opportunities to propel my career and life in new directions. I do not know what the new opportunities will be, but I know they are out there. I have had so many day-dreams, and now I am going to try to make them happen!!!

In the mean-time, here are my snapshots from the past month or so…


Today’s sunset over the ocean that hosted a big surf competition last week


The Ferry Building…a favorite spot of mine despite the tourists!


The cinnamon currant loaf hiding in this bag is one reason it’s a favorite.


Homemade pizza…sausage, spinach, salami, cheddar & blue cheese, rosemary, tomato, garlic, onion.


Irises to make a few days brighter


A cool kid from the other side of the world!!


Banana milkshakes…like we used to get in Thailand!


My green Azuki finally has a friend because Nik finally got a bike!!!!!! We’ve been riding everywhere.


Beignet Sunday from Devil’s Teeth Baking Co.


Runners in GG Park


His pride & joy


The gorgeous pelican


Saturday morning pancakes


A church that will soon have new life


Thanks for signing up for my dinner at ALT! I’m looking forward to meeting you!

p.s. I saw that Little Thai is in your SF guide…funny you mention that as we used to live a few blocks from there (on Polk and Lombard) and LT was our favorite neighborhood restaurant. The lovely woman there used to know us by name. aaah, it’s been so long though.

the yellow curry there is the best version I’ve had anywhere! And the sticky rice and mango dessert was a favorite as well.

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