Thanksgiving in Tennessee

November 30th, 2011. Family, Tennessee

A boy and a Chevy

Nik and I flew to Tennessee this year for a family Thanksgiving that involved the annual Sinz reunion, a four kid toy fest, a fifty pie feast, a four-man RISK match, a seven adult puzzle competition, a new swing push-off, a three turkey dinner, a mother-daughter attic clean-up, a one-month-early Christmas, and a Black Friday camp-out. Oh, and then there was a soccer-girls+husbands chinese lunch and a good-ole friend meet-up. The four day weekend was fantastic, and ended with us missing our flight because I was never notified that it had been moved an hour early. Thank goodness I don’t have a husband that gets upset about things like that…oh wait, I do. But I think he has forgotten it by now!!

Thank you, family, for being my family.



Two days of sun, two days of rain, and a great time was had by all. Someday maybe Aaden will be driving that truck.
Love ya Sunshine, Dad


The days of Aaden driving will be here before we know it!!!! Love you, Dad! You’re the best Dad/host/swing pusher ever.


Hi Sunshine, it was a wonderful weekend. Can’t wait till we are all together again. Till then we will keep in touch through modern technology. Love You

i love this photo. :)

stopping in to say hi from the business card class!

Whoa! This photo makes my heart skip a beat. :-)

I am such a sucker for anything vintage. So awesome! Thanks for the comment on the blog. I can’t wait to meet you face to face in January. Fun stuff!


Thanks Krista & Jess! I’m excited to put faces to names in January as well.

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