Nap Time

Monday, January 30th, 2012
Nap Time

Nap Time in the fancy chair

Today I went to a movie in a fancy mall downtown, and this gentleman was sleeping right outside of the fanciest of fancy department stores. It’s just a great juxtaposition of life happening here in the big city.


Monday, November 7th, 2011

Today marks a milestone in my life that will seem insignificant very soon. Today, I took the written test that will soon lead to having a propper California Drivers License. But there’s more. Not only did I take the standard class “C” vehicular test required, I also took the “M” class motorcycle test!!! I took it for the heck of it, and failed. When I saw that I failed, I could have walked away and said, “well I’ll just take the regular one.” But no. Instead I picked up a study book for the motorcycle test, found a seat at a café near by, and read it cover to cover. Then I waltzed back into the DMV, told the proctor I was ready, and took the test again. This time I passed with flying colors.

Now, I have to do the scary part and actually take the driving test. I am still a little frightened by driving a scooter/motorcycle, but I think that it is a fear that can be conquered. I have no intention of purchasing a motorcycle, but since Nik and I’s only vehicle is a scooter, I figure I might as well learn to drive it.

Today marks another milestone that will never seem insignificant. Today I am officially looking for new opportunities to propel my career and life in new directions. I do not know what the new opportunities will be, but I know they are out there. I have had so many day-dreams, and now I am going to try to make them happen!!!

In the mean-time, here are my snapshots from the past month or so…


Today’s sunset over the ocean that hosted a big surf competition last week


The Ferry Building…a favorite spot of mine despite the tourists!


The cinnamon currant loaf hiding in this bag is one reason it’s a favorite.


Homemade pizza…sausage, spinach, salami, cheddar & blue cheese, rosemary, tomato, garlic, onion.


Irises to make a few days brighter


A cool kid from the other side of the world!!


Banana milkshakes…like we used to get in Thailand!


My green Azuki finally has a friend because Nik finally got a bike!!!!!! We’ve been riding everywhere.


Beignet Sunday from Devil’s Teeth Baking Co.


Runners in GG Park


His pride & joy


The gorgeous pelican


Saturday morning pancakes


A church that will soon have new life

Photo catch-up

Monday, October 10th, 2011

Everything has been pretty normal in the 8+ hours of work five days a week kind of way. That means I don’t have too much to share other than a few instagrammed photos that were taken of the few fantastic and mostly every day moments of  life. These twenty-four photos span three months here in San Francisco, and they capture what I love about this town, and city life in general. On any given day, there are literally hundreds of beautiful, quirky and amazing things to see, eat and experience. You also have to realize that I am a little bit of a recluse. I don’t seek these things out as much as I think I should, but I go at my own speed and try to do at least one thing a week that I couldn’t do anywhere else. So far so good!!


Breakfast alone while Nik was out of the country


Infinite City, a fantastic book of San Francisco maps and stories


My birthday breakfast!!! Best french toast ever


St Mary's Cathedral, a building I have always wanted to walk into


And I did! It's the first building that has awed me in quite a while.


Birthday dinner at Delfina


A Saturday bike ride past the Conservatory of Flowers


On Bart riding across the Bay to meet friends to go pick peaches and plums


A little backyard concert. This guy's voice is amazing.


A pit stop in Prague (Nik was there for work, so I went for a weekend)


My daily commute while Nik was away


The bandshell at Golden Gate Park during the weekly concert


The new Exploratorium at Pier 15 (under construction)


The unicycling wonder-boy


Our Labor Day road trip to Big Sur


Quite the sandwich


Walking through the Broadway Tunnel


Dinner at Outlanders with a favorite dinner-mate


Riding the choo-choo


A Giants game with coworkers


Sing-A-Long Little Mermaid...F A N T A S T I C


The gears that pull the San Francisco Cable Cars


A favorite work-day lunch perch on the Vallejo steps


Santa Monica Peir last Sunday

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