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Wednesday, November 7th, 2012
The 6 1 5

The 6 1 5

I have been fortunate to be able to go on little trips almost every two months this year. In September, I took a solo trip to the 6-1-5 (aka Nashville) to see my family and attend my cousin’s wedding. We had a mini Sinz reunion with almost all of the immediate family and grandkids. Nik was the only one missing, but having 11 of 12 there for a whole weekend was pretty fantastic. My sister, brother, sister-in-law, brother-in-law and I even got to go out after the wedding for drinks without kids!!! It might have been the first time that we have ever done that, and we all decided that it should happen more often.

The old Marathon Automobiles building, and the new home to Antique Archaeology

Also, I requested a trip to Antique Archaeology…you know…the place where Mike and Frank of American Pickers fame sell their wares? So my entire family (parents, brother’s family, Aunts, and Uncles) loaded in cars and met there as soon as they opened on Saturday morning. Well, the location was awesome and it was really cool to see some of the stuff from the show, but the shop is more gift store/museum than pickers paradise. And the place was PACKED. We luckily got there right when they opened on Saturday morning, but if we had waited half an hour, we would have had to wait in line. To get into a gift store. Seriously?? But I bought my American Pickers sticker and my dad and brother geeked out on all the old motorcycle engines on display, so it was worth the early wake up call!!

My dad explaining the intricacies of the Indian motorcycle engine sitting at his feet

Niece and Nephew being adorable

After the weekend in Nashville, I went to Kentucky to help warm my sister’s new home. This is the home they see themselves living in for the rest of their lives, so I wanted to be there in the beginning. My nieces are sure to have incredibly fond childhood memories of the house, and I was able to participate in a few of their very first ones. We spent a couple afternoons doing cart wheels and dance moves in the backyard. One evening we raked huge piles of leaves that they jumped in without realizing that the leaves were peppered with dog poop. (The joy of being an aunt is that I didn’t have to clean them up afterwards!!) Then one evening my niece rode her bike for the first time without training wheels!!!!!

R taking her first ride with her Mom and Dad following closely

A Spinning

(A. specifically requested a spinning photo of herself after seeing the one Nik made of me here.)

I was also treated to a couple days of sister-sister bonding time. We went to the American Quilt Museum in downtown Paducah and saw one of the coolest collections of vintage quilts. We had lunch at a cute little bakery after listening to part of the city-wide cell phone walking tour. Then we went to a fabric store where Keisha and I picked fabrics for a quilt that I will be making for their family. Now that my week with my sister is over, I miss her more than ever.

The generator room for an old bunker at the Presidio

A condemned military prison

In other new and exciting bits from San Francisco, I have spent some quality time in the Presidio lately, I have been sewing a ton, and I am about to take my final test to become a licensed architect next week. My days are busy and varied, just the way I like them.

The sewing process

A quilt I made for my parents 40th Anniversary and 60th Birthdays


Star Quilt (the back)- I am making this one out of scrap fabric for Nik and I

BEFORE / AFTER – Today I rescued an old wool sweater from Nik’s donation pile, and made myself one super cozy, slim fitting sweater.

The next time you hear from me, I will have gone on our BIG TRIP OF THE YEAR!!!!!! We are going to Japan for two weeks over Thanksgiving…that’s less than two weeks away!!! We cannot wait.

White Triangle Quilt: The Process

Thursday, February 16th, 2012

Piecing strips together

Since I left my job in November, I have been sewing a lot, and am currently working on one of my absolute favorite projects. It will soon be a 5 foot square quilt made of 648 white cotton triangles. Each triangle was cut from the flags that hung at our wedding last June which were made by our friends and family.

The flags sat on my shelf for over six months while I struggled with the pattern. Initially, I thought of chevrons. I did a small sample, and the pieces were too small and subtle, and the proportions were off. I thought at one point I would keep the flags as their full rectangular size, but that would have been too chaotic because they ranged from 4″x4″ to 8″x10″. Finally, I cut as many 4″ squares as I possibly could without knowing where I was going. Since squares are pretty boring, I cut each of those into two triangles and started playing. I divided the pieces into off white and bright white, and noticed that the stacks were roughly equal. I paired them together by sewing a seam on the diagonal to create over three hundred dual tone squares.

Lots of little squares (more contrast shown for graphic purposes)

I quickly realized that the possibilities were endless, so I laid out a few options and waited for Nik to get home.

Nine patterns options (graphics have more contrast than the actual fabrics)

We picked the middle pattern on the bottom row, and I started piecing. You can see how the bright white/off white fabrics look in the photo below. It’s much more subtle than the graphics above, which I love.

It took a full day to make the squares, another two days to sew the squares into horizontal strips 18 at a time, and yesterday I sewed all 18 strips together to finish the quilt top and basted the top to the batting & brown backing fabric. I plan to do the quilting by hand, so that might take a while, and then I will bind it all together. Hopefully I’ll have it finished by our anniversary!!

Basting the layers together

Playing with the designs in Illustrator made me wonder what else I could do. Now I’m excited to find more fabrics I love so that I can make another 324 squares to make one of these. I especially love the one in the lower left corner.

The quilts I will make one day

Other blankets I’ve made:

Giant Granny Square

Ripple Blanket

Granny Square Blanket

Tweed & Lace


Typewriter & Stamp Holiday Cards

Thursday, December 15th, 2011

All of the necessary supplies laid out & ready to go


A unique tiding for each card

Our cards were super simple this year. Nik wrote a bunch of little tidings that would make you laugh, and I made them. The perfect collaboration.

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