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Thanksgiving in Tennessee

Wednesday, November 30th, 2011

A boy and a Chevy

Nik and I flew to Tennessee this year for a family Thanksgiving that involved the annual Sinz reunion, a four kid toy fest, a fifty pie feast, a four-man RISK match, a seven adult puzzle competition, a new swing push-off, a three turkey dinner, a mother-daughter attic clean-up, a one-month-early Christmas, and a Black Friday camp-out. Oh, and then there was a soccer-girls+husbands chinese lunch and a good-ole friend meet-up. The four day weekend was fantastic, and ended with us missing our flight because I was never notified that it had been moved an hour early. Thank goodness I don’t have a husband that gets upset about things like that…oh wait, I do. But I think he has forgotten it by now!!

Thank you, family, for being my family.


Monday, November 7th, 2011

Today marks a milestone in my life that will seem insignificant very soon. Today, I took the written test that will soon lead to having a propper California Drivers License. But there’s more. Not only did I take the standard class “C” vehicular test required, I also took the “M” class motorcycle test!!! I took it for the heck of it, and failed. When I saw that I failed, I could have walked away and said, “well I’ll just take the regular one.” But no. Instead I picked up a study book for the motorcycle test, found a seat at a café near by, and read it cover to cover. Then I waltzed back into the DMV, told the proctor I was ready, and took the test again. This time I passed with flying colors.

Now, I have to do the scary part and actually take the driving test. I am still a little frightened by driving a scooter/motorcycle, but I think that it is a fear that can be conquered. I have no intention of purchasing a motorcycle, but since Nik and I’s only vehicle is a scooter, I figure I might as well learn to drive it.

Today marks another milestone that will never seem insignificant. Today I am officially looking for new opportunities to propel my career and life in new directions. I do not know what the new opportunities will be, but I know they are out there. I have had so many day-dreams, and now I am going to try to make them happen!!!

In the mean-time, here are my snapshots from the past month or so…


Today’s sunset over the ocean that hosted a big surf competition last week


The Ferry Building…a favorite spot of mine despite the tourists!


The cinnamon currant loaf hiding in this bag is one reason it’s a favorite.


Homemade pizza…sausage, spinach, salami, cheddar & blue cheese, rosemary, tomato, garlic, onion.


Irises to make a few days brighter


A cool kid from the other side of the world!!


Banana milkshakes…like we used to get in Thailand!


My green Azuki finally has a friend because Nik finally got a bike!!!!!! We’ve been riding everywhere.


Beignet Sunday from Devil’s Teeth Baking Co.


Runners in GG Park


His pride & joy


The gorgeous pelican


Saturday morning pancakes


A church that will soon have new life

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